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    On the model of other events that focus on a specific area of study (the Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Baroque Music Conference etc.), we propose a biennial meeting devoted to opera, of all periods and in all aspects, as an opportunity for scholars from different countries to come together, and to foster interest in opera studies in the younger generation of musicologists.

    The location of the conference will change from one meeting to the next, in order to encourage the presence of scholars from different host countries, and to widen the pool of participants. The papers can be either given in English or in the language of the country in which the conference will take place.

     All are invited to take part, regardless of professional status. As with other events of this kind, participants and spectators will be required to pay for themselves; registration fees and other costs, however, will be kept as low as possible.

    The name of the conference is designed as an acronym:

         T ransnational
         O pera
         S tudies
         C onference
         A t

with the final word leading to the host city.



    The first Transnational Opera Studies Conference will be hosted by the University of Bologna, at the Dipartimento delle Arti (via Barberia 4, Bologna, Italy), from 30 June to 2 July 2015. Its name will therefore be:


   The Dipartimento delle Arti has generously offered to provide meeting rooms and technical support, under the auspices of the Centro di Promozione Teatrale “La Soffitta”, and with the collaboration of the Archivio del Canto.

    The Programme Committee will consist of the four founder members of the meeting: Marco Beghelli (Università di Bologna), Anselm Gerhard (Universität Bern), Emanuele Senici (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”), and Benjamin Walton (University of Cambridge). Marco Beghelli will also serve as the Conference coordinator, assisted by Valentina Anzani and Nicola Usula.



   Submissions are invited on any subject related to opera and other forms of music theatre, including history, dramaturgy, libretto studies, philology, genesis, reception, voice studies, performer studies, performance practice, interpretation, the relationship between opera and society, between opera and other arts, opera and media, opera on film, and so on.  Preference will be given to proposals that explore issues, rather than simply offering descriptive accounts.

   Papers can be in English or Italian. Proposals must be submitted as a Word file (“.doc”, not “.pdf”), and must include the following:
– full name
– country and institution
– e-mail address
– paper title in English
– abstract in English in no more than 350 words

   Abstracts should include all information necessary to allow the Programme Committee to evaluate the argument, research findings and originality of the proposal, as well as its potential as a conference paper. Following acceptance, there will be an opportunity to change abstracts for publication in the conference programme.

   Proposals should be submitted as attachments by email to:, by 5 January 2015. Everyone submitting a proposal will be sent a confirmation email; if this has not been received within five days, please resend the proposal.

   All abstracts will be anonymized before being seen by the Programme Committee; you are requested not to include in your abstract any information that could reveal your identity (such as “As I have shown in my earlier article…”).

   All those who have submitted a proposal will be notified of the outcome by 28 February 2015.



   The costs of the conference are funded directly by the participants (speakers and those attending). The exact registration fee will therefore depend on the number of participants, and will be confirmed along with the notification of papers accepted; it will, however, be no more than €100, and will include three buffet lunches.  The Dipartimento delle Arti of the University of Bologna has kindly offered to provide refreshment for the morning coffee breaks.


THE tosc@bologna.2015 AWARD

   The Programme Committee will offer a prize to the best paper presented by a junior scholar at the conference. All those born after 1980, and whose papers are accepted for the conference, will be eligible.

   Those who wish to be considered for this prize must submit the final version of their paper to the Programme Committee (accompanied by any musical examples, images, etc.) by 20 May 2015. The winner will receive a prize of books, and the invitation to present a new paper at a plenary session of the next Transnational Opera Studies Conference. The announcement of the winner will take place during the final session of the conference (on the afternoon of 2 July).


The Programme Committe

Marco Beghelli – Anselm Gerhard – Emanuele Senici – Benjamin Walton


1st Transnational Opera Studies Conference
                    30 June – 2 July 2015

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Dipartimento delle Arti visive performative mediali
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museo musica Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica
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Accademia Filarmonica Regia Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna
Palazzo Carrati
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Istituto Liszt Fondazione Istituto Liszt
via Righi 30, Bologna


San Petronio Cappella musicale arcivescovile della Basilica di S. Petronio
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